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After a couple days of lower back pain and too many sugar free Rockstars, I finally came up with my own WordPress design. This of course means I have no one to blame when something goes HORRIBLY wrong. Enjoy!

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    1. jordanzzz Post author

      The type of lung cancer they found, mesothelioma, is caused by asbestos exposure. We don’t know the source of the exposure, but we’re learning more and more about how many sources for exposure exist all around us.

      1. Sharon

        Asbestos is in a lot of old houses. It is in the house I grew up in, and my brother raised his kids in. I’m 53 and ok as far as I know so far. Guess I’ll keep knocking on wood. Still heartbroken about your Dad. Cancer sucks.

  1. Tim

    Since Warren sang about „fluorocarbons in the ozone layer“, it should be mentioned that fluoro-organic compounds and their evil offspring, the fluoride ions, also harm people´s health via ingestion. Fluoride has been linked to the genesis of lung cancer. Since fluoride is a systemic poison with slow accumulation, it might be as insidious as asbestos. And we consume it on a daily basis…



  2. Carl Hutchinson

    Hello Jordan,

    Forgive me if you have posted this information but I can’t find the details on your website. Do you ever play in the UK?

    Been listening to Insides Out on Spotify and enjoying it more and more on each listen. Carmila Rhodes and American Standard are my favourite so far.



  3. John Robertson

    “Insides Out” is a bloody terrific album. If you’d be so good, please make more – and do more lovely things with your YouTube channel. You’re superb.

  4. Debbie

    I was a big fan of your Dad and his music. I am hoping to be in the LA area next month. Do you perform in any local clubs or bars in the vicinity? I would love to catch a show if you do. Also, Is there a small place that locals go to catch Live rock, folk or blues act’s you could recommend? I hope your back pain is improving. Thanks, Debbie in Boston

  5. Alison B. Akers

    If I say more complimentary things, it might finally do your music justice. Truly. An avocational singer in Little Rhody, I may not be paid to sing but I know good and great music largely by EAR. Jordan’s music makes my ears very happy. As in, waiting for the next album…!

  6. Tom

    hi Jordon;
    My wife Lynne died in 2011 after 13 years with early on-set Alzheimer’s disease. I was able to keep her at home for 10 years, but finally had to place her in a personal care home so that she could continue to get the care she needed. I spend many hours knocking back single malt scotch while listening to your Dad’s album “the wind” after visiting with Lynne, sometimes with a few tears.
    When Lynne passed on, I produced a short video for her Celebration of Life , with the music from “Please Stay” over the last few frames.
    More recently, I wrote a book, “Please Don’t Forget Me”, which is now being published. I did this to remember Lynne, who was the bravest person I have ever known, and to raise some money from Alzheimer’s. The publisher would like me to post the video on YouTube as background for the book, and I’m OK with that but I don’t want to violate any copyright rules. Can you give me any guidance?

    1. jordanzzz Post author

      You should post it if you haven’t already. I don’t think YouTube pays much attention to any of that and you certainly don’t have to worry about me. Sorry for your loss, Tom.


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