A Spam and Tune-age Sandwich ← August 5, 2011

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First the spam. You should all make your own WordPress site, just for the spam comments that you get to sift though before approving. My favorite so far contained this gem of a comment on my “Pics” post…

“As with most light-duty front, there are occasional problems with the “lesser” rubber between the faceplate.”

I’m assuming that the goal here is to make it seem like the post is legit, to which I approve and then impending flood of spam follows because I’ve established that I’m a target.

I would only hope that there’s a sufficient amount of “rubber between the faceplate.” Otherwise what’s the purpose of the faceplate?

The tune-age? I’m gonna do it. It was the whole point of the blog. Sharing in the process. So here’s “Wrecking Ball” with a skeletal backing track and a quick scratch vocal. It’s painful to share unfinished work, but I guess it can only help make the finished song that much better.


Wrecking Ball – working 8/4/11


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