Music & Video added

Yes, I’m actually attempting to update the site. I’ve added music and video pages with more content to come.


JZ sings in Sandler film… Read all about it.

Very excited to say, you can hear me singing, “Let In Snow” in the upcoming film, “Jack & Jill”.

It was an amazing experience and the first time I’ve ever sung with an orchestra.

My only complaint is that they don’t have TiVo at the theaters. So if you see a bald man hiding under a back row seat with popcorn stuck to his forehead, it’s just me waiting for the next showing.

A Spam and Tune-age Sandwich


First the spam. You should all make your own WordPress site, just for the spam comments that you get to sift though before approving. My favorite so far contained this gem of a comment on my “Pics” post…

“As with most light-duty front, there are occasional problems with the “lesser” rubber between the faceplate.”

I’m assuming that the goal here is to make it seem like the post is legit, to which I approve and then impending flood of spam follows because I’ve established that I’m a target.

I would only hope that there’s a sufficient amount of “rubber between the faceplate.” Otherwise what’s the purpose of the faceplate?

The tune-age? I’m gonna do it. It was the whole point of the blog. Sharing in the process. So here’s “Wrecking Ball” with a skeletal backing track and a quick scratch vocal. It’s painful to share unfinished work, but I guess it can only help make the finished song that much better.


Wrecking Ball – working 8/4/11

Back to work

The week in Hawaii is done and it’s back to work. Starting of with Wrecking Ball which is wrecking me. I’m using midi drums, something I’ve always hated, but I start off by doing a live performance with an electronic kit so I can get some natural feel and then go in and start doing some tweaks. As you can see by the pic it looks more like algebra than rock ‘n roll, but I’ve been in love with Native Instruments Abbey Road drums, so it sounds pretty damn close to the real thing. So here’s a question for you. I’ve mentioned posting work in progress music clips. Is it interesting to hear a track that’s so far just piano and drums. It might not be that riveting, but then you’d see what’s happened since the last clip. Drop me some comments and let me know.

Hmm, what else. Well, after the studio, I took my sweet time getting Direct TV re-installed, but when they offered a free HD DVR, I couldn’t pass it up. It arrived today and now I’m a little nervous about it. You see, I grew up in my grandmother’s house which was totally isolated and I get kinda squirmy in a room all alone. TV in the background is a nice way to bring something active in the room, but then something like what’s currently playing, The Beach Boy’s: Endless Harmony documentary starts tugging at my ADD. Must focus!

That’s it for now. Hope you are all well.


“The Best Laid Plans…”

“Never get laid”.

A lyric courtesy of The Bears ( the ultimate power pop band you’re never heard.

It’s a fitting description of my weekend. Wife and daughter out of town and with the new site up I was going to power through a bunch of work on the record and post some clips, but I got a head cold instead. Not very inspirational.

Instead, I’ve spent the weekend doing the following:

Obsessing with my Father’s Day gift, Apple TV + Netflix. Currently playing, “Wet Hot American Summer” with Louie C.K.’s “Chewed Up” (for the millionth time) in the queue.

Spoiling my dog Louie. Piece of steak for me. Piece of steak for you.

Mourning the loss of Ryan Dunn from Jackass. My Mom used to tell me how my Dad was obsessed with the Three Stooges, so maybe it’s a guy thing, a Zevon thing, I guess we like seeing people get hurt. After my parents died, the first thing that made me laugh out loud was Jackass 2. So Jackass isn’t just my guilty pleasure, I actually have a soft spot for it. Watching Bam Margera cry over the loss of his best friend. So sad. My heart goes out to his family’s and friends.

Listened to new albums: Adele, Foo Fighters, Beastie Boys.

Watching videos from the new Lonely Island album ( “Mutha fucka got horse blood. What y’all got?”

Worked on lyrics for “Wrecking Ball”

I was the man with the master plan
Built an empire on a bed of sand
Until the tide came in
And with a single swell it went straight to hell

Five feet from the cage
Please don’t feed the ego
Born to fits of rage and it can swallow you whole
Until there’s nothing left
When it starts to inflate it won’t discriminate

One day I was on a plane claiming excess baggage
A burdened beast, best believe you’ll never sooth this savage

Too old to be tamed
Too set in its ways

We’ll slice it and dice it down to every detail
So we can try to make sense of it all
I know you’ve got a good grip on all of your shit
But take and whiff and throw it back in the stall
Pack up your high hat, your ties and your tales
Because we’re going to the Wrecking Ball
And from the rubble you can build what you want


So with the dawn of a new week and a crap-load of chewable vitamin C (why do they have to make them so sour??) I hope to embark on a more productive week.


Just Like That

With little fanfare. Very little. Okay, none. I grabbed a PHP redirect script and put the new site up. Expect it to change constantly as I get more familiar with WordPress. Definitely need to add more pics. A link page. Music page, etc. But at least it’s not the same old site that’s been there for a few years now.

It was getting to the point where I almost considered putting up one of those “under construction” pages with an animated .gif of a dancing hard hat… The horror…


Stick With Me

I think I may be closing in on wrapping the music end of “Stick With Me”. Have some lyrics to fill in and then get cracking on a vocal track. As soon as that’s done, I’ll post a clip. Some lyrics in the meantime…

Our house is such a mess
I can only guess
You wanna leave the stove on
And take a long vacation

Burn the whole place down
See if the Phoenix rises
And if it doesn’t fly
At least you won’t get burnt by any more lies

No more alibis
No more one more tries
One more ‘I apologize’ and you might just lose your goddamn mind

You believe in love
You were the first in line
But that doesn’t mean that you’re deaf, dumb and blind

I’ve know you’ve heard it all
From the same man with the same voice
Saturated with sincerity

I’m not asking you to forgive me or forget me
And I know it isn’t easy
But I want you to believe, that if you

Stick with me
I’m gonna show you how to be happy
It’s not just something that you see in old movies
It’s not just something that you read about
If you stick with me
I’m gonna show you how to be happy
I’m gonna show you there’s a we in what could be
It’s not just something that you dream about

Let’s give this a try

So, the deal is, I suck at self promotion and even though I did web design for a few years, I moan and grown at the idea of updating my site. So what’s the answer? Let’s try a blog page. Easy enough, right? Then I can keep everyone up-to-date without having to go into code mode.

It’s been a couple years since the first album and it’s taken me a while to get it together and begin the second. That’s what happens with a second record. You have your entire life to write the first, but then you basically have to start from scratch for the next one. This is something that scared the shit out of me at first, but it’s turned out to be a blessing. This time around instead of being a collection of songs from all these different places in my life, it’s a more concentrated collection of where I’m at in my life.

The album’s called, “imperfect”. An album title I’ve had for years and it seems like the right time to put it to work.

Some of the songs, which I’ll start posting clips of include, “May or May Not”, “Not Like Me”, Merry Go Wrong”, “Wrecking Ball”, “The Epic Fail” & “Stick With Me”.

This album is definitely darker and more rock than power pop, but with my musical ADD, who knows what it’ll be when all is said and done.

So, that’s the deal. If you’re interested in following the progress, then this is where to find me.


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